Retrieve2.0 - Advanced Electronic Document Storage

Capture, Transform and Deliver Printed and Digital Documents

Amtech has enhanced it's Electronic Document Management solution to bring you Retrieve2.0.  This module brings the power to store, manage and retrieve any document on your network with the click of a mouse. Our solution not only archives documents automatically, it also allows storage of any electronic or scanned documents securely on your network.

Auto or Manual Mode: Retrieve2.0 automatically archives and indexes reports, such as quotations or acknowledgements. Other documents such as signed delivery receipts or customer purchase orders can be quickly scanned, indexed and stored in this system.

Seamless Integration: Retrieve2.0 is tightly integrated with your ERP system providing users with a link to stored documents they can quickly access without leaving their desks.

Capture and Retrieve
  • ERM (Electronic Report Management) captures and automatically indexes items such as invoices, purchase orders, accounts payable and payroll checks along with other legacy system Forms or reports.
  • Allows users to capture in-bound documents by scanning, by fax, and by email from remote offices using the MS Windows operating system.
  • From the desktop, users can retrieve, view, annotate, print and fax or email documents and reports with security.
  • Collections can fax or email invoice copies with delivery receipt backup in seconds from the desktop.
  • Streamlines any paper intensive process like accounts payables and eliminates the costly downtime associated with manually retrieving paper documents and files.
  • Documents, reports and electronic files are accessed in seconds.
  • Easy to use Auto Index capture setup from legacy system reports and Forms
  • Extensive administrative functions to establish Documents links and set User Access
  • Automatically retrieve related documents
  • Less printing, less filing, less searching
  • All documents are separately stored from your production database
  • Electronically email and fax documents and reports from the desktop on demand or automatically schedule distribution of:
    • Purchase orders to vendors
    • Invoices and statements to customers
    • Parts or plies of a business form electronically to department
    • Financial and sales reports
    • Automatically captures and stores print files and processes the print stream through recipient lists and routing tables to deliver documents via traditional print, email, fax, FTP or EFT. Additionally, the data you are sending can be transformed into XML, HTML, PDF, TIFF, CSV and EDI formats for repurposing without re-keying.
  • Sub-forms or templates can be created to isolate and communicate pertinent data to the exact needs of the recipient. 
  • Rendition printing allows for the automatic collating of invoices with proof of delivery or any attachment based on customer-defined criteria.
Productivity Enhancements
  • Creates lean, paperless office
  • On-line access to all documents including signed and scanned forms
  • Easy to find, view, print, and email any document or report
  • Linked document search provides easy access for government, accounting, and legal compliance
  • Reduced office supplies and storage space
  • Increase database performance via more frequent purges
Retreive Electronic Document Storage

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