Workflow - Sales Process Integration

Everyday your employees devote considerable time and effort to finding and entering data, transferring information from one system to another, identifying bottlenecks, securing various authorizations, and arranging the information in formats accessible to all. This manual workflow creates a system having multiple points of potential for failure creating customer dissatisfaction, missed deliveries and cost overruns.

Amtech's Workflow module seamlessly integrates the various disciplines involved in the sales process from Sales to Design to Customer Service and Estimating.  Workflow eliminates costly communication gaps and ultimately increases departmental productivity providing sales reps with more selling time in front of customers and prospects.  The module is a powerful tool easily modified to your unique business requirements, allowing you to create the steps in the Workflow process.  Now as each department works on a request, everyone involved in the process is aware of its status and expected completion.

Workflow creates a schedule for the completion of estimates, designs, samples quotes and much more. Bottlenecks are easy to spot enabling companies to improve and lean up their sales process.

The benefits gained for all in the Workflow process are the efficiencies realized through time savings, accuracy of requests, and departmental accountability.  Workflow is an effective internal business process that leads to greater external customer satisfaction. 

For our current Workflow customers, Version 4.0 tests the limits of system power and functionality becoming an end-to-end project and process management system.  No longer limited to pre-sales activities, Workflow 4.0 functionality extends to managing internal projects such as die management and order processing.  The system can even be set up to automatically generate an internal Workflow request from Job Approvals! 

Workflow includes a powerful reporting mechanism for measuring departmental efficiencies and is directly connected to your Imaginera SQL database.  With its multi-plant and multi-design center handling Workflow 4.0 will grow along with your business.

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